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First-year trainees prepare for international program

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First-year trainees prepare for international program

The first-year class is now preparing for the international program in late May-mid June 2013. The Netherlands Experience includes work at the Technical University of Delft, where students will participate in a laboratory rotation program including seminars with a focus in photovoltaics, and at Wageningen, where students will learn about the practicalities of biological solar energy conversion (including photobioreactor design and operation).
Several 2012 IGERT students participated in the Arizona Solar Summit hosted by ASU. They visited Gila Bend, AZ, the location of numerous solar and photovoltaic plants in operation, including the U.S. largest concentrating solar power project, Abengoa's Solana Concentrated Solar Power Project. This experience exposed students to the role of policies and permitting in making solar power a reality as well as the complexity of the engineering task involved in designing and constructing commercial plants.