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Emphasizing translational and professional skills, innovation

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Emphasizing translational and professional skills, innovation

The WPI IGERT team is developing an integrated approach for providing translational skills and instilling an innovative mindset in our graduate students. The overall goal of this program is to produce a diverse cadre of future innovative leaders able to translate basic discovery research into innovative solutions to unmet medical needs in our global society. To aid in the integration and coordination of research and teaching of innovation, entrepreneurship, and translational engineering across the campus at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, we have also recently created the WPI Innovation Center for REsearch And Technology Entrepreneurship (WPI iCREATE). For the current program, we are introducing modules focused on development of translational skills (automation, technology transfer), an innovation mindset (creativity, value proposition) and professional skills (communication, ethics, mentoring, teaching) – all in the context of the graduate trainees’ research projects.