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Seminar course developed

Education Achievements

Seminar course developed

A WISeNet Seminar course was developed. The course includes a pre-seminar lecture on the seminar topic with the seminar held the following week. Pre-seminar lectures are led by WISeNet faculty who prepare the students to receive the seminar material and to ask questions of speakers from any research community working on wireless sensor networks. Seminars include cross-cutting topics in environmental science, systems theory, and machine learning. The course aims to fill the intellectual gaps between environmental science, systems theory, and computer science. Ten IGERT Trainees and Associates were enrolled with six WISeNet Seminars held spring 2013. An average attendance of 30 at the seminars included faculty and students from across the WISeNet departments. Seminar speakers included: Drs. Marco Marani and Michael Zavlanos (both new to Duke), Francesco Bullo (UC Santa Barbara), Paul Flikkema (Northern Arizona University), Mike Bergin (Georgia Tech), and Jonathan How (MIT).