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IGERT holds weekly journal club

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IGERT holds weekly journal club

A weekly Interdisciplinary Proseminar/Journal Club exposes the trainees and associates to the physical, applied, social, policy and life sciences, and proper professional practices. In the Fall quarter the topics (and instructors) were: Water Management and Perchlorate (Mark Matsumoto), Desalination and Nanotechnology (David Jassby); Pesticides and Surface Water Quality (Jay Gan); Drinking Water Distribution Systems (Haizhou Liu); Water Supply and Water Quality Management in Lakes and Reservoirs (Michael Anderson); Assessing the risks of Nanotechnology to our Water (Jason Cheng). In Winter the topics covered were: The Social Science Aspects of Water (Mary Gauvain, Anil Deolaikar); Overview of the Delta Region (Mark Matsumoto); Economics of Water (Anil Deollalikar); Water, Culture and Society (Juliet McMullin); History of Conflict over Water (David Biggs); Water Policy in developing Countries/ Design and Implementation (Ariel Dinar). In Spring the focus was on water-based pathogens.