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Fellowships to support research in US, Costa Rica

Trainee Achievements

Fellowships to support research in US, Costa Rica

Several IGERT students have secured prestigious awards to continue their research and graduate education. Kate Cleary was awarded a Fullbright Fellowship for 2013 to carry out conservation biology research and educational programs in Costa Rica. Kerry Kemp and Jarod Blades received Joint Fire Sciences Graduate Research Innovation awards to conduct research on fire ecology and the social dimensions of climate change, respectively, in the US Northern Rockies. Ricardo Santiago and Kerry Kemp received University of Idaho Stillinger Fellowships to conduct research on forest ecology in Costa Rica and Idaho, respectively. Renee Hill received an NSF GK-12 fellowship in Water Resources for 2013-2014. These awards provide IGERT trainees additional resources to complete their research and educational programs and offer new opportunities for their professional development.