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Fellow organized discussion on climate change negotiations

Trainee Achievements

Fellow organized discussion on climate change negotiations

IGERT Fellow, Yassir Eddebbar, in collaboration with the School of International Relations & Pacific Studies (IR/PS) and Ithe Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, organized “Negotiating our Climate: a Roundtable Discussion on Climate Negotiations. The event included a dialogue on current climate change negotiations, scientific perspective and future outlook for a global agreement in 2015. Yassir presented findings from his IGERT funded mini-grant project, as SIO appointed students delegates to the UN Climate Negotiation Meeting in Doha in Qatar, on the history of international climate policy, scientific assessment, and future outlook of global treaty given the geopolitical complexities and inefficiencies observed during the negotiations and over the last 20 years. A discussion ensued with the public and a panel of experts including Richard Somerville, David Victor, and Junjie Zhang.