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Climate Change in Indigenous Communities Internship Program

Education Achievements

Climate Change in Indigenous Communities Internship Program

To promote collaboration between IGERT Trainees and Haskell Indian Nations University and other tribal college undergraduates to broaden participation in STEM disciplines. During the summer of 2012, 8 IGERT Trainees and 15 Haskell University, University of Hawaii, Hilo, Sierra Nevada College, and University of Greenland undergraduate Interns participated in the Haskell Indian Nations University Summer Internship Program on "Climate Change in Indigenous Communities." Each Trainee partnered with Haskell undergrad Interns on Interns' research projects. Haskell undergrads have presented research posters in several professional meetings across the country. Since beginning the Haskell Summer Internship program in 2009, 27 IGERT Trainees and Associates, and 36 Haskell undergraduate Interns have participated.