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QIS Tutor, an online teaching system

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QIS Tutor, an online teaching system

Quantum information science and engineering is challenging for students to learn, as it embodies topics from algorithms and information theory to fundamental quantum physics. Entering students come with uneven backgrounds, from a diversity of undergraduate majors. The Course Q curriculum of the NSF iQuISE IGERT program is addressing this challenge through the QIS Tutor, an online teaching system which provides ~100 sophisticated instant-feedback assessment problems, covering quantum physics, quantum error correction, quantum algorithms, and other principal ideas. The QIS Tutor was originally devised to provide all problem sets for the MIT 8.371 QIS-II course. This year, we opened the QIS Tutor to new graduate students, who were given the freedom do QIS Tutor problems at their own pace, with no formal class meetings. This "anytime, anywhere" online teaching proved very effective in enabling the IGERT students to come up to speed in the material and begin research in the field.