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Trainees present research at professional meetings

Research Achievements

Trainees present research at professional meetings

In the last year, trainees presented research at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium, Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), Interagency Crab, American Elasmobrach Society, and other professional meetings through the MESAS IGERT small grants program. The program requires trainees to develop a proposal reviewed by IGERT faculty and respond to reviewer critiques. In addition to this valuable proposal writing experience, students have greatly benefited from the opportunity to attend scientific meetings and present their work to outside audiences. Trainee Maggie Chan attended the SfAA meeting in the spring of 2013. She had the chance to meet with urban planners, social scientists, filmmakers, and geographers, in addition to anthropologists. Consistently, students point to the small grants program as a means of broadening their knowledge, building confidence in communicating their research to professional audiences, and increasing their professional network of colleagues.