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Trainees utilize traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

Research Achievements

Trainees utilize traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

Many trainees are utilizing traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) or citizen scientists to complement their research activities. The logistical and financial constraints to conducting research in Arctic marine systems, as well as the large temporal and spatial scales at which ecological management questions are often posed, make such methodologies valuable. The TEK course, taken by all trainees and some associates, has bolstered interest in this field. Trainee Suzie Teerlink aims to utilize whale watchers to collect data that could improve humpback whale population estimates using photographic sampling. Trainee Sonia Ibarra plans to integrate biological surveys with the traditional knowledge of local communities to identify ecosystem services derived from the marine environment and tradeoffs. Interest in these areas of work has also increased trainee investment in acquiring skills in science communication, particularly across cultures.