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Advanced Parameterization for Science and Engineering class

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Advanced Parameterization for Science and Engineering class

The technical underpinning of the MCS-IGERT is an Applied Mathematics class, called “Advanced Parameterization for Science and Engineering”. This class was designed specifically for IGERT and has been held every year since the beginning of the program. This year, the class consisted of significant online discussions in which the students took one of the topics (e.g., statistical mechanics, upscaling theory, discrete math) and related it to the specific topic that they are addressing in their individual research program. The class is extremely challenging and moves at a very rapid pace, but the instructor works hard to calibrate each student to determine how much they have learned relative to the skills they had when they entered the class. A number of non-Trainees continue to enroll in this class, so we expect the class to continue indefinitely after the conclusion of our IGERT funding.