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Trainee co-writes paper on federal bioenergy policy

Trainee Achievements

Trainee co-writes paper on federal bioenergy policy

Nell Campbell has co-written a paper with Dr. Dimitris Stevis, a professor in political science at CSU, on the use of scientific tools and assessments in federal bioenergy policy. Nell is an Ecology graduate student, and her research primarily focuses on using ecosystem models to understand the soil impacts, with a particular emphasis on soil carbon, of different bioenergy feedstock production systems and management practices. Even though her primary research has brought together an interdisciplinary team of faculty at CSU, this side project was enabled through her experience in an IGERT rotation to explore bioenergy topics outside her graduate research focus area. Her rotation with Dr. Stevis resulted in a unique pairing of ecology and political science at CSU that will produce information impacting the federal idealogy and consideration of bioenergy.