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Trainee authors chapter in book

Trainee Achievements

Trainee authors chapter in book

Ms. Jenna Bloxom authored a chapter in the book, “Local Economic Development and the Environment” S. Opp and J. Osgood, CRC Press, 2013. This chapter was based upon Jenna’s independent case study entitled, “Conclusions and Concepts in Action: Portland, Oregon” that centered around Portland's city-level adoption of a renewable fuel standard for biofuel promotion. This funneled from Jenna’s dissertation analysis of political, economic, social, and environmental viability of aviation biofuels becoming a fully-scaled, international commodity and the potential broader, international political impacts related to a feasible alternative to petroleum-based fuel. The IGERT program has allowed Jenna to investigate the necessary literature and information to complete an interdisciplinary assessment of aviation through her experiences working in the IGERT courses instigating relationships with she and varied faculty and students across research foci at CSU.