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Project to identify cyanobacterial proteins

Research Achievements

Project to identify cyanobacterial proteins

Mike Caballero (IGERT Fellow in Cell and Molecular Biology) led an interdisciplinary project to identify cyanobacterial proteins that are differentially abundant in continuous vs. rapidly oscillating light. The team of Mike, Janine Stone (IGERT Fellow in Ag and Resource Economics), Dr. Graham Peers in Biology, and Drs. Ken Reardon and Seijin Park of Chemical and Biological Engineering worked together to investigate the behavior of the cyanobacteria, identifying proteins via proteomics. Knowledge of specific proteins will help the team understand how cyanobacteria respond to light variations that are encountered in real cultivation systems. Janine worked on this as part of her IGERT rotation in an outside discipline to gain more understanding of bioenergy research. Results have been presented at two regional and one national conference and will be published in peer-reviewed journals.