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Agents of Change projects part of IGERT program

Research Achievements

Agents of Change projects part of IGERT program

The Agents of Change projects are an innovative IGERT program component that provides an opportunity to apply a social-ecological framework to current real-world problems. This year's projects covered a diverse range of issues: 1) Combating Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on Coastal and Marine Systems in Puerto Rico’s Urbanizing Northeast Coast, 2) Social, Institutional and Economic Drivers of Native Plants Occurrence in Residential Areas in the Rio Piedras Watershed, and 3) Free Ranging Cats in Old San Juan: a Human-Environmental Conflict (this work is entered in the IGERT Video and Poster Competition). The students are now preparing reports on their findings to be presented to the interested stakeholders. These documents are targeted for publication at a local peer-reviewed journal (Acta Cientifica).