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Trainees lead joint workshop with Cornell IGERT

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Trainees lead joint workshop with Cornell IGERT

In April, Dartmouth IGERT trainees took the lead in organizing a joint workshop with Cornell University’s IGERT in Cross-Scale Biogeochemistry and Climate, held at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY. Trainees from all cohorts in both programs, and the two IGERT PIs, met to share views on interdisciplinary research and tools to support teamwork across disciplines. Each IGERT described the focus of its program and each trainee gave a short description of his or her research, followed by a discussion of digital communication skills that can support collaboration, outreach, and science communication (eg, blogging, social media, video). Since the Dartmouth IGERT is in its fifth year, and Cornell is in its first, and there is some overlap in the focus of our two programs, we were able to share our experiences, challenges, and successes while our acknowledged differences created new points of view.