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interdisciplinary teams deliver curriculum to HS students

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interdisciplinary teams deliver curriculum to HS students

The training courses are only a couple of instances of IGERT students taking instructional design and delivery roles in computational biology education. Our program assessment revealed that the SCALE-IT students wanted more explicit instruction on best practices in curriculum development and evaluation and in response to that, we have created a workshop series taught by a curriculum development specialist.

Participants will learn guiding philosophies and tools to aid in effective curriculum creation and will be taught how to design evaluation tools to aid in the teaching process. They will then develop their own curriculum on interdisciplinary teams to be delivered over the summer as part of the UT KidsU Summer Camp program targeted high school aged students. A follow up session will be held to assess how the implement went and how to improve the curriculum developed. It is planned that the summer camps will be feature as High Lights for next year's report.