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Using EEG to explore neural mechanisms of sensorimotor learning

Research Achievements

Using EEG to explore neural mechanisms of sensorimotor learning

For the last several years, IGERT trainee Lawrence Behmer was using EEG to explore the neural mechanisms of sensorimotor learning and action-understanding via the mirror neuron system. We are interested in how individuals understand and learn by observing and imitating the actions of others. Recently, his IGERT-related research has allowed him to integrate his interests in the motor system with projects related to aging and disabilities. As part of the WSU Smart Home project, we have recently used EEG to collect data while participants observe and imitate biological actions. We then analyze the data to determine if machine learning algorithms can discriminate between whether or not participants are observing and responding to ambiguous or unambiguous action outcomes. The preliminary results yield 80% recognition accuracy. Our goal is to use these data to develop brain machine interfaces which could be used in the Smart Home to detect when older adults experience a fall in their home.