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Fellow completes PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

Trainee Achievements

Fellow completes PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

Daniel Fabbri was the first Open Data fellow to complete his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering. Fabbri’s dissertation, “Explanation-Based Auditing: Improving the Accountability and Security of Electronic Medical Records Systems” created a system for detecting inappropriate access to electronic medical records – an issue of concern to computer science, information science, and bio-informatics. Two Open Data IGERT faculty served on the dissertation committee (Jagadish, CSE and Hedstrom, SI). One metric of interdisciplinary achievement for the Open Data IGERT is increasing the number of faculty members from schools/departments participating in Open Data on the fellows' dissertation committee. Fabbri, under the direction of Open Data IGERT faculty member Mike Cafarella has been awarded an I-Corps grant to extend and possibly commercialize his work (Award Number:1340372)