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Fellows develop interdisciplinary communications skills

Education Achievements

Fellows develop interdisciplinary communications skills

The Open Data IGERT fellows have developed a unique set of skills that can be applied to resolve real problems around data sharing and reuse. One seminar session was devoted to identifying two projects where students could act as consults/advisors to faculty, namely a project in bio-informatics around privacy policies and a project in materials science around repository design to support data sharing. We were not able to launch these projects this year due to time constraints, but they provide evidence of the added skills and value that the IGERT fellows have gained as a result of coursework and participation in the seminars. A concrete skill shared by many of the students is the ability to share ideas across disciplinary contexts. For example, students in information science, computer science and bio-infomatics have developed the multi-disciplinary language, respect and basic knowledge to collaborate on a real world problem (privacy issues + biological/genetic data + computation).