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Team members present work on vegetated roofs

Trainee Achievements

Team members present work on vegetated roofs

Four IGERT Trainees and one Associate, namely Raha Hakimdavar, Tyler Carson, Robert Elliott and Daniel Marasco, participated in the 2013 IGERT Video Competition, with the project title "Re-imagining the urban roofscape: Innovative approaches to vegetated rooftop design motivated by the intersection of engineering, sustainable development, and architectural concepts." By bridging the gap between engineering, sustainable development and architecture, their research aims to abate the issues such as material costs, roof load capacity, and limited impact assessment methods of green infrastructure by addressing the material sustainability, design, and long term performance monitoring and modeling of vegetated roofs. Robert Elliott's (IGERT Associate) research in this area, which is featured in the video, was awarded an honorable mention for "technical innovation" in the EPA's inaugural Campus Rainworks Challenge.