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Second trainee cohort begins

Education Achievements

Second trainee cohort begins

Our second trainee cohort began in fall 2012 with two additional students from the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon and the addition of two affiliates at Howard University. During the fall semester we co-hosted a weekly seminar with Howard using telepresence technology. The seminar covered professional development as well as the research being conducted by several members of the NEEP-IGERT faculty team. In addition, the seminar offered NEEP-IGERT second year students, Rachel Ferebee, Amy Dale and John Stegemeier, an opportunity to introduce their research to the new students and affiliates and to have their presentations critiqued by members of the IGERT faculty team. We continued our seminar in Spring 2013, and second year student Clare Mahoney and new students, Lauren Strahs and Zenille Saunders presented their preliminary research results.