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surface enhanced (resonance) Raman spectroscopy

Research Achievements

surface enhanced (resonance) Raman spectroscopy

We have focused on the rational design, synthesis and testing of novel surface enhanced (resonance) Raman spectroscopy (SE(R)RS) nanoparticle for in vivo imaging and theranostics. By understanding the fundamental principles underlying SERS and SERRS gold nanoparticles and dye systems were designed and resulted in much greater signal enhancement. These factors include gold particle geometry and size, (dictated by the mechanism of formation) and different Raman dyes. Significant contributions to the design and synthesis of more effective SERRS nanoparticles were made. One SERRS nanoparticle/dye system exhibits Raman enhancement 1-2 orders or magnitude higher than the current ‘gold-standard’ SERS nanoparticles. We have tested these nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo in living tumor mouse models with very promising preliminary results for solid tumor and lymph node metastasis detection. We have filed two provisional patent applications.