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Recruitment and outreach

Trainee Achievements

Recruitment and outreach

This year, the Hunter IGERT students engaged in recruitment & outreach activities. The students and mentors met every two weeks to identify challenges and how to overcome them. One challenge is recruitment of students. The students helped to make a poster to send to undergraduate science departments promoting our program. The students put up the website. Also, the students met with prospective students to discuss the opportunities available in this IGERT program. Outreach: To promote radiochemistry and its applications to science undergraduates: IGERT students, Sam Groveman, Melissa Deri worked with Prof. Donna McGregor to develop material to introduce Radiochemistry into Honors Freshman Chemistry, Freshman Chemisry and Biochemistry and taught one-two classes. First year student P. Gonzalez is preparing a science demonstration for middle school children and faculty to be implemented in May, 2013, with the help of faculty members in Chemistry.