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Trainee completes fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Trainee Achievements

Trainee completes fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Matthew Gott, 2nd year student, IGERT trainee at Missouri, mentored by Silvia Jurisson and M. Fassbender (Los Alamos National Laboratory, LANL) worked at LANL over summer, 2012 on a competitive Seaborg Fellowship. Matt is providing the chemistry component in developing separations of rhenium-186 (daughter isotope) from tungsten 186 (parent isotope). The team includes physicists and engineers for the production of W-186 at high energy cyclotrons as well as chemists and biologists for applications. Re-186 is a potential isotope for radiotherapy. The interdisciplinary team involved in this project consists of physicists, engineers, chemists, biologists at Missouri-Columbia, LANL, University of Washington-Seattle. Matt may be going to the University of Nantes in France (they have a 70 MeV cyclotron at their facility) to further his studies. We are waiting to hear (in May 2013) the outcome of a proposal submitted to the French government (Chateaubriand Fellowship).