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Advanced course offerings expanded

Education Achievements

Advanced course offerings expanded

We expanded advanced course offerings for trainees and associates that are directly related to the research needs and interests of the IGERT students. 1) We are developing courses in collaboration with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and Cornell Weill Medical College. We continue to refine a Basic Sciences Lecture in Radiochemistry and Nuclear Medicine course for IGERT students. This provides once a week lectures that covers basic science of radiopharmaceuticals (chemistry, physics and clinical uses) as well as instrumentation used in molecular imaging. 2) We are expanding course offerings by taking advantage of consortial agreements between CUNY and graduate programs in New York City. This year, we added a course on Molecular Pharmacology offered in the Tri-state medical institution program. These achievements expand the training opportunities for our IGERT students and provide new cohorts of professional colleagues.