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Introduction to Radiochemistry course revised

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Introduction to Radiochemistry course revised

Development of Introduction to Radiochemistry course plus laboratory: In summer of 2012, Francesconi spent a few weeks at the University of Missouri-Columbia in an intensive study of radiochemistry and adapted the MU Radiochemistry course to Hunter College. Now, for the first time in Hunter/CUNY history, we have a newly revamped course, Introduction to Radiochemistry, that is offered this Spring, 2013, to first year graduate students. This course is comprised of a lecture that covers radiochemistry basics as well as laboratory with counting experiments, radiation safety instruction, and radiochemistry synthetic experiments. MSKCC faculty contribute to the course as an added benefit and their participation indeed enhances the course. Our intent is to offer the course to first year Graduate students as well as to Hunter advanced undergraduates in Spring, 2014.