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Travel stipends enable conference attendance

Education Achievements

Travel stipends enable conference attendance

Through the University of Texas' institutional commitment to our IGERT program we have established travel stipends for our IGERT trainees and affiliates to present their results at conferences. During the past year, 13 of our IGERT students (7 trainees: Matt Earnest, Priscilla Guererro, Diana Hun, James Lo, Sonny Rosenthal, Tess Stafford, Michael Waring; 6 affiliates: Chi Hoang, Mark Jackson, Donna Kunkel, Federico Noris, Leo Ramirez, Donghyun Rim) delivered 22 presentations at 12 different conferences, including three international conferences. Two of our trainees served on panels and as session co-chairs. Eight of our trainees and affiliates traveled to Denmark and made presentations at Indoor Air 2008. Three of our students also attended and delivered papers at the Annual Meeting of the Air & Waste Management Association. IGERT trainee Diana Hun even served on an education panel and discussed the successes and challenges of our highly interdisciplinary IGERT program.