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New courses developed

Education Achievements

New courses developed

The 2012 External Advisory Committee recommended developing additional coursework for IGERT students. The following short courses have been developed: Dr. Baldick’s “Introduction to Electric Power and Locational, Marginal Pricing”; Dr. Webber’s “Water, Technology and Policy”, “Clean.Smart.Energy”, “The Future of Energy”, and “Energy, Technology, and Policy”; Dr. Kwasinski’s “Power-Net Development”. Additionally, newly developed semester-long energy courses include: Dr. Adelman’s “Energy Development and Policy” that is made of interdisciplinary student teams from law, business, public affairs, and engineering; Dr. Kwasinski’s “Advanced Topics of Power Electronics” and “Distribution of Generation Technologies”; Dr. Edgar’s “Modern Control Theory with Application to Energy Systems”; Dr. Barber’s “Home Animation Course”. Lastly, a Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies is currently under development and is designed to have an interdisciplinary approach to energy issues.