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Fellows discuss impact of predicted future water scarcity

Research Achievements

Fellows discuss impact of predicted future water scarcity

I-WATER Fellows met weekly to address the research question of predicting the physical, biological, and human systems impact of predicted future water scarcity to help inform decision-making. As a result, I-WATER Fellows developed an understanding of the relative time and spatial scales from which to approach the question from diverse disciplines and then developed a framework for integrating disparate methodologies and data requirements. The analysis was carried out along the research theme interfaces of the I-WATER program: Society-Atmosphere-Hydrology, Ecology-Society-Hydrology, and finally Atmosphere-Ecology-Hydrology and applied to the Poudre watershed. As a result of this integrative and collaborative research effort, the I-WATER Fellows produced several papers, one presented at the Front Range Ecology Symposium, and another published in the Proceedings of the AGU Hydrology Days Conference. A more detailed synthesis paper will be submitted for publication in a refereed journal.