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"Energy Sustainability and Policy" course developed

Education Achievements

"Energy Sustainability and Policy" course developed

A new, highly popular course, "Energy Sustainability and Policy" has been developed at the Bloustein School for Public Policy, based on a course developed in 2009, "Energy Engineering, Economics and Policy," specifically for the IGERT program. This new policy course is open to all grad students and a requirement for our IGERT as well as the Renewable and Sustainable Fuels IGERT, also at Rutgers. In addition to IGERT trainees, the course has drawn graduate students from the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers, as well as from the Masters in Business and Science program in the Business School, filling the course to capacity, creating a multidisciplinary educational environment, and a lasting institutional impact on the university. Reviews for the course, developed and taught by Prof. Frank Felder (Rutgers, Bloustein), has been assessed as "one of the best courses I have taken as a graduate student" by an IGERT trainee during an informal group assessment session.