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Seminar leads to multidisciplinary approach in research

Trainee Achievements

Seminar leads to multidisciplinary approach in research

During his first term as IGERT trainee, Getnet Agegnehu, learned multidisciplinary aspects of CFD through a seminar, given by IGERT trainees of different backgrounds. This helped him link his research with other disciplines and opened his eyes to a multidisciplinary approach. He connected with Dr. Hrvoje Jasak, one of the developers of the open-source CFD OpenFOAM solver. They met through Skype to discuss and learn about application of a finite-volume Immersed Boundary Method in river environments. This helped Getnet apply this method to analyze flow and turbulent quantities for complex geometries in river environments. He also attended a Water Quality modeling webinar with DELWAQ, based on delft hydraulics, NL, attended by different researchers throughout the world. Getnet also attended Prof. Marian Muste’s CUAHSI Cyberseminar Series on new views of experimental hydraulics for rivers. All together a great set of experiences for Getnet and through him for his IGERT colleagues.