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Summer technical lab courses

Education Achievements

Summer technical lab courses

In summer 2012, the NSF CREATE IGERT technical laboratory courses included the Plant Transformation Methods Course (July 19-25, Trainees – G.C. Bernard, M. Harkenrider, S. Miller, S. Samuels, E. Vonasek, & N. Worden) and the Recovery and Purification of Plant-Made Products (Aug 13-17, Trainees – G.C. Bernard, M. Harkenrider, E. Vonasek, N. Worden, & S. Zicari). The Plant Transformation course covered the basics of plant cell transgenesis, a technical skill set that underlies plant-based biomanufacturing systems and crop improvement by agricultural biotechnology. The Recovery & Purification course covered characterization of recombinant proteins produced in transgenic whole plants and in in vitro plant systems. In addition to technical research skills, trainees worked in teams to analyze and communicate their findings and were introduced to relevant laboratory safety / materials handling practices for recombinant products.