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Education Achievements

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NSF CREATE-IGERT trainees regularly attend the Current Progress in Biotechnology seminar series (MCB294/ECH294), which is a required course for the DEB graduate program. MCB294 brings high profile biotech industry and academic speakers to campus for seminars and networking lunches with trainees. A highly interdisciplinary seminar series, speakers have expertise across the life sciences and engineering, with several touching on the CREATE research focus areas during this reporting period, including: Feb 8 - Dr. Matt Croughan, Keck Graduate Institute, “Thirty Years of Therapeutic Protein Production from Recombinant CHO cells”; May 3 - Dr. Eleni Bachlava, Monsanto, “Seed Business: Genomics Assisted Plant Breeding or Plant Biotech?; and May 31 – Dr. Riccardo LoCascio, Evolva, “Creation of High Value and Food Ingredients with Metabolic Engineering”. All offerings found online on the UC Davis biotech prorgram site.