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Internship focused on improving algal biofuel production

Research Achievements

Internship focused on improving algal biofuel production

NSF IGERT trainee Egan Lohman completed an IGERT internship with an industrial partner (Cellana Inc., Kailua Kona, Hawaii) focused on commercial aspects of improving algal biofuel production. The internship was also important for improving collaboration between the MSU Algal Biofuels Group, which includes several MSU IGERT faculty and students, and industrial partners. The internship focused on screening different algae for heterotrophic and mixotrophic capabilities, and stimulation of triacylglycerol accumulation in industrial strains of microalgae using different levels of bicarbonate. Prior research from IGERT trainee Dr. Robert Gardner (MSU Algal Biofuels Group) found that bicarbonate levels play a critical role in the efficiency of lipid production. Collaboration catalyzed and led by these IGERT trainees is now focused on improving the efficiency of bioenergy production using algae.