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Graduates and earn professorship and post doc

Education Achievements

Graduates and earn professorship and post doc

The IGERT-CTS program graduated three students during the reporting period: Piotr Szczurek, Bo Xu, and Troy Hernandez. Piotr is currently an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department of Lewis University. Bo is currently a Postdoctoral Appointee in Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center at Argonne National Laboratory. His team is building an extendable and interoperable agent-based transportation simulation framework. Bo also received a NSF grant "Moving Objects Databases for Exploration of Virtual and Real Environments" as a Co-PI. In this project, he will work with scientists from Florida International University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Brown University, and Northwestern University to transform the fields of computational transportation and mobile sensing by developing a universal high-performance model for information processing and fusion in mobile environment, providing a collaborative integration between the real and virtual worlds.