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Seminar series hosts non-local speakers

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Seminar series hosts non-local speakers

Over the last year the WSU/UW IPEM Seminar series hosted 8 speakers, mostly non-local and one from out of the country. Examples include Charles Perreault (“What Makes Culture Adaptive?”), Augustin Fuentes (“Human Community as Human Nature: Possibilities, Potentials, Problems, and Maybe Even a Few Models”), Michael O’Brien (“What Is Cultural Phylogeny, and How Do We Model It?”), and Enrico Crema (“Fission-Fusion, Metapopulation Dynamics, and Disturbance Processes”). Seminars were attended by a total of 282 people (averaging 20/seminar) including faculty, trainees, and other students from WSU-Pullman, WSU-Vancouver, and UW-Seattle. Speakers emphasized topics employing evolutionary logic interfacing between anthropology and biology. Most talks are stored as DVD for later reference. Trainees interact with and help choose speakers. Our Trainees have reported that one of their favorite elements of this IGERT is having these top researchers visit, with the interactions that allows.