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Development and deforestation on Kilimanjaro

Trainee Achievements

Development and deforestation on Kilimanjaro

Unplanned urban development and deforestation on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro are increasing the damage of floods. Farther downstream, groundwater springs (Njoro springs) supply part of Moshi Municipality’s domestic water supply. IGERT trainee Joe Holler (Geography) has been working in Moshi as part of his International research experience, developing contacts for his dissertation. He worked with locals to gather the support several local government, community, youth, and school groups. In total over 100 people worked on a Saturday morning to clean out as much as they could of the streams upstream of the groundwater springs and plant trees good for riparian areas around the bare soil of Chemchem primary school’s riparian area. They had a journalist from StarTV network film and interview staff, teachers and student leaders for an environmental program. The students and teachers have learned a lot and higher levels of government have been made aware of the severity of the situation.