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5th annual Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Education Achievements

5th annual Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The MILES program hosted the 5th annual Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), a 12-week summer research experience provided to exceptional undergraduate students. In 2008, six undergraduate students participated in the SURP program conducting research centered in oxidation processes through free radical mechanisms. Students from chemistry, biochemistry, and human nutrition, foods, and exercise at Virginia Tech were selected as SURP students. Each student worked on a research project under the guidance of a MILES faculty and a MILES trainee during the 12 week internship. The program concluded with the completion of a paper and an oral presentation at the end of the summer. The SURP program resulted in recruiting one exceptional student into the MILES program. The SURP program also enabled MILES trainees to develop and foster their leadership skills and mentoring abilities while enlightening the minds of these bright SURP students.