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Interdisciplinary feedback on project

Trainee Achievements

Interdisciplinary feedback on project

Trainee Arthur Meacham is working on the project - Outsafe that allows database users to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without revealing data or access patterns to the cloud provider. Users get reliability, durability, and data distribution without exposing data or even access patterns that can be used to make inferences about data.!

To look at the project from an interdisciplinary point of view, he is doing a reading course based on Co-PI and Co-Advisor Prof. Nissenbaum's book - Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life, and meeting with her regularly to discuss how some of the concepts from the book can be applied to the scope of his dissertation project.

This interaction provides a social context to the problem of privacy infringement and the algorithms he had developed provide a solution in the context of databases. He has started on the design and implementation of the system.