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IGERT-MNM retreat

Education Achievements

IGERT-MNM retreat

The three-day IGERT-MNM Retreat on June ‘11 brought together trainees, associate trainees, faculty, speakers, evaluators, and external advisory committee members. A full day of research and education discussions among IGERT participants and guests was a highlight. Presentations by faculty and trainees led to ideas for new interdisciplinary collaborations. The video “Changing Education Paradigms” by Sir Ken Robinson was followed by animated exchanges about the need for a new education model. Activities included workshops on 1) Responsible Conduct of Research, delivered by J.C. Hall, NSU Vice-President for Research, 2) Intellectual Property issues by R. Roberts, Industry Relations and Intellectual Property Manager for the NSF STC-MDITR (interactive, by video-conference), 3) Communication by IGERT professor M. Cox. Trainees fully participated in the EAC meeting, followed by an open forum with IGERT participants sharing concerns and suggestions for the improvement of the project.