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Trainees complete formal coursework

Education Achievements

Trainees complete formal coursework

Second cohort Trainees completed their formal coursework for their graduate minor in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Policy, and have made substantial progress in identifying topics for policy research to integrate into their PhD dissertations. A two-week summer workshop in Washington, DC, "Science Outside the Lab: A Policy (Dis)orientation" was considered extremely valuable by the two trainees who participated in summer 2010, and five additional trainees (a mix of first and second cohort trainees) have applied to participate in summer of 2011. One of the first cohort trainees who attended last summer has been asked to return as a student-faculty liaison, with her expenses paid by the organizers of the program. Two second cohort trainees, Minal Parekh and Kerri Stone, have published their policy work and presented their findings at a national meeting on dam safety.