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Viability of biochar in soils

Research Achievements

Viability of biochar in soils

Greta Lohman’s (IGERT cohort 3, Soil and Crop Sciences) research on assessing the functionality and viability of biochar in soils merges ecology, economics, engineering, and agricultural sciences. Greta's efforts with Dr. F Cotrufo in Soil & Crops Sciences and Dr. DeFoort with John Field (IGERT cohort 1) in Mechanical Engineering measures energy production of biochar in agricultural systems and with Dr. C Keske in Ag & Resource Economics will assess the economic viability of incorporating biochar in soils devoted to bioenergy production. Achievements include 1) G. Lohman, “ An Assessment of the Economic Viability of Biochar in CO; 2) G. Lohman, “An Assessment of the Potential Energy, Environmental, and Economic Benefits of Biochar, 3) J. Field “ Sustainability Assessment in Biochar Systems: from Production to Soil Application” all at the CSU Cenergy Expo, and 4) J. Field, “Assessing the Benefits of Biochar Production and Application in CO “at the Rocky Mtn. Biochar Initiative Meeting.