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IGERT graduates competitive in job market

Trainee Achievements

IGERT graduates competitive in job market

Even though the US is currently experiencing high unemployment rates, all of the IGERT graduates were able to find jobs and are all currently employed, which shows that our graduated IGERT PhD students are highly competitive. Our students, with their interdisciplinary training, are unique and sought-after in today’s job market. The PhD graduates and their places of employment are: - Keirnan LaMarche, Rutgers, PhD 05/2008, Sr. Scientist, BristolMyers Squibb - Patritia Portillo, Rutgers, PhD 5/2008, Researcher at Rutgers, now Sr. Scientist at L'Oreal. - Daniel Lepek, NJIT, PhD 01/2009, Cooper Union College, Assistant Professor - Giuseppe DiBenedetto, NJIT, PhD 01/2009, Picatinny Arsenal