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Materials for Direct Write course

Education Achievements

Materials for Direct Write course

A graduate course on Materials for Direct Write was delivered to 17 students and one faculty member on the three participating campuses (USD, SDSU, and SDSM&T). Lectures were delivered simultaneously at SDSU, USD and SDSM&T using the Access Grid (AG) network with high-definition cameras for video conferencing. Multiple, bigger-than-life screens showed the lecturer, his powerpoint slides and digital whiteboard, as well as the students on the other campuses. Powerpoint files were archived and available to all students with discussion and annotation of the presented materials. The course was delivered by William Cross out of SDSM&T. Ten of the students and an attending faculty mentor were on the distant campuses. This is an advanced course that would not have been available to students on their home campuses but was highly relevant to the cross-campus interdisciplinary research of their projects.