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Trainees participate in summer internships

Education Achievements

Trainees participate in summer internships

IGERT trainees participated in 4 international/national summer internships, broadening their education, adding skills, learning new techniques. Upon return, trainees shared their new knowledge and experiences with other trainees in the laboratory, meetings and social settings, thus benefiting the entire group and expanding the network of international scholars. -Daniel Lepek: U. of Valladolid (Spain) studying fluidization under supercritical conditions. -Mike Tomasini: California Institute of Technology in the laboratory of Dr. Bill Goddard working on structural prediction of GPCRs. -Christopher Rasmussen: Tech. U. of Berlin, Germany with Dr. Martin Schoen’s group applying conformational-bias Monte Carlo techniques. -Dan Braido: Pfizer Loughberg, I.E, and Pfizer Sandwich, UK on projects to correlate measurable blend properties and tablet performance