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Drop on demand automated drug delivery system

Research Achievements

Drop on demand automated drug delivery system

M. Brown, Trainee, directed by Dr. P. Takhistov, Food Science, is researching a drop on demand automated system, created for utilization in single and multi deposition of polymer and drug delivery systems. Interactions and spreading phenomena of the drug nanosuspensions splat upon impingement onto varying substrates have been analyzed. It was found that process parameters such as pressure differential, nozzle orifice size, valve opening time, surface tension of drug solvent, and surface energy of substrate have a direct effect on spreading diameter and wetting phenomena. It was also shown that surface properties of the substrates can be manipulated to produce amorphous or crystalline structures where drug accumulation occurs on the peripheries or center of the structure upon droplet impingement. This research is contributing to the manufacture of a drop-on-demand technology (ink jet technology) offering dosage control and ability to distribute specific drug formulae in the field, etc.