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Introducing innovative new curricula

Education Achievements

Introducing innovative new curricula

New Courses: One of the most effective ways to add to the education experience of IGERT trainees and other students is by introducing innovative new curricula ranging from textbooks to course modules to new courses. With our cross-disciplinary systems focus, we have started to have an impact on engineering curricula across all member institutions. During the past year, the following courses were introduced and successfully taught at Rutgers: 509 Computational Methods for Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials 513 Fundamentals of Nanoscale Thermodynamics and Transport 541-Pharmaceutical Materials Engineering 549 Advanced Engineering Pharamceutical Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Transport processes These courses were taken by IGERT and non-IGERT students, and student evaluations showed that these courses were well taught and very successful in addressing the needs of students on campus and those from industry attending classes to gain new skills and knowledge.