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Trainee studies the behavior or chain molecules

Research Achievements

Trainee studies the behavior or chain molecules

IGERT Trainee Chris Rasmussen spent the 2008 summer studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. He worked in Dr. Martin Schoen’s Theoretical Chemistry group at Techinsche Universitaet Berlin. Prior to this, Chris had started working with the simulation techniques of atomistic Monte Carlo and the Gauge Cell method to study the desorption mechanism of spherical mesopores. Following this, he is now investigating chain molecules and their interaction with pores and surfaces. Dr. Schoen and his group are experts in the simulation of condensed matter. In their previous work, the method of Conformational Bias Monte Carlo (CBMC) was applied to replicate chain molecule fluids. Over the summer, Chris used the knowledge and experience that the Schoen group possessed and applied to the gauge cell method. We now can study the behavior of chain molecules with CBMC using the Gauge Cell method. This is an invaluable link between his previous work and future work