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Trainee publishes and leads students

Trainee Achievements

Trainee publishes and leads students

One of our outstanding trainees this year is Robert Fitak from the Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program. Robert is a third year student working under the guidance of Dr. Melanie Culver, and he has received IGERT funding for the past two years. Robert recently co-authored a book chapter and has two publications in review. His research focuses on using the application of genomics to wildlife conservation, and his work has benefited greatly by the training he has received through the IGERT program. Robert consistently shows leadership skills by contributing to discussions and engaging students with questions about their research. In addition to his leadership skills at the university level, Robert also serves as a role model to middle school students. For the past four years, Robert has taught herpetology and conservation to kids for Earth Day, and has volunteered as judge for the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair.